Taking the hassle out of Work Comp Claims

Workers’ compensation accounts take an extraordinary amount of time and require a unique skill set to manage. The complexities of managing state-specific laws, regulations, and reimbursement rules often result in slow reimbursements and unpaid or delayed claims.


Since 1998, HRS Erase has partnered with hospitals to maximize reimbursements and minimize the hassle associated with work comp claims. We are an expert in workers’ compensation claims so you don’t have to be. Our comprehensive solutions include:


» Verifying liability

» Confirmation of payer

» Accurate claim and medical record submissions

» Follow-up and collections

» Review of payment accuracy

» Dispute resolution

» Appeals


Compensation for our services is contingent upon the cash we recover for you. We don’t get paid until you do!


Fact: Success rates exceeding 80% for claims paid.